Accept Bitcoin yourself.

SatSale is a simple, easily deployable, lightweight Bitcoin payment processor that connects to your own Bitcoin node or Lightning network node.

Host your own Bitcoin payment gateway for Woocommerce without a middleman or custodian. You can also use SatSale to process donations from your supporters.

Direct peer-to-peer payments without any middleman. No KYC, and greater privacy than reusing donation addresses

Installation (on-node):

                    $ git clone
$ cd SatSale/
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

# Edit with details from .bitcoin.conf, then
$ gunicorn --worker-class eventlet -w 1 -b satsale:app
  • Process payments with your own Bitcoin node via RPC and SSH. Bitcoin core, or any other node software that supports RPC calls.
  • Lightweight and highly extendable, basic html and css stying. Modular Python backend.

  • Natively extendable to all bitcoind node features (e.g. segwit) through RPC.
  • No shitcoin bloat. Bitcoin only.